About Us

Zone Learning Analytics School (ZLAS) will bring in the top analytics-software providers and industry practitioners to give complimentary data analytics training to undergraduate students, professionals, and increase collaboration between engineers, mathematicians, and businesspeople.

The ZLAS aims to be the national hub for analytics-training to bridge the gap between the data analytics skills demanded by companies and those that are offered by undergraduate students and professionals.

Currently, analytics training is only offered at the graduate level through Masters or post-graduate diploma programs. Through analytics training, we will give Ryerson’s undergraduates a competitive advantage over others in the workforce.


ZLAS strives to be the national hub for data analytics training.

OUR Mission

ZLAS continues to develop data-driven undergraduates by bringing in top analytics software providers for hands-on training and providing real business problems for students to solve.

Meet Our Team

Partner Big Data University

Samuel Lai

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Partner Big Data University

Monia Naguib

Operations Coordinator
Partner Big Data University

Arian Khalil

Events Coordinator
Partner Big Data University

Andy Tran

Corporate Strategy Advisor
Partner Big Data University

Rahul Mannapperuma

Outreach Lead