Zone Learning Analytics School

Zone Learning Analytics School (ZLAS) will bring in the top analytics-software providers and industry practitioners to give complimentary data analytics training to undergraduate students, professionals, and increase collaboration between engineers, mathematicians, and businesspeople.



ZLAS aims to be the national hub for analytics-training to bridge the gap between the data analytics skills demanded by companies and those that are offered by undergraduate students and professionals.

Currently, analytics training is only offered at the graduate level through Masters or post-graduate diploma programs. Through analytics training, we will give Ryerson’s undergraduates a competitive advantage over others in the workforce.



The Zone Learning Analytics School develops curriculum and provides access to training and industry software.

Statistical Programming

Basic workshops and resources are provided for languages such as Python and R.

Analytics Software

Students are trained in SAS, IBM and Microsoft software for data analysis.

Database Analysis

Tutorials on working with flat files and database queries are provided.

Business Analysis

Problems provided for practice are based upon real life business situations.

Predictive Analytics

Students learn the essentials of predictive analytics and forecasting.

Data Visualization

After analysis is done, students are taught how to story tell and visualize data.

Module 1

Business Analytics with Tableau

Module 2

Geospatial Analysis using Polaris

Module 3

Social Media Analysis with Netlytics

Module 4

Bitcoin with Amaris


Under Construction


ZLAS and SAS are back at it again this semester with Workshop 2, which will introduce programming with SAS as well as some team building exercises to better know your teammates! Register here!

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